Front Range Community College (FRCC) recently ran an e-mail marketing campaign to boost student enrollment and community awareness.

“Your support and the insights you offered made a huge difference in getting to the final product,” wrote Michelle Watson, Thayer Media specialist representing FRCC. “The client mentioned directly to me how glad they were to have Matt  [Flood, our interactive media sales director] helping to lead the charge since they hadn’t done this before.”

FRCC benefited from our extensive digital marketing and local market expertise, and you can, too. E-mail marketing connects you with your audience where, when and how they would like to be reached. It’s a straightforward advertising outlet that allows you to distribute information to a wide range of specific potential customers for a small investment. It’s affordable and exceedingly effective. Best of all, it’s trackable. You’ll know the response rate of each e-mail push, giving you valuable feedback about what resonates with your target market.

The Camera’s full-service e-mail marketing program makes it easy. All you have to do is select the demographics you want to reach from hundreds of available categories. We help you create a compelling ad and then distribute it to your customized e-mail database.

Our campaigns average a 17 percent open rate and more than 2 percent click-through rate, well above industry standards. Call 303.473.1400 today for a free consultation.