Grand County Colorado recently ran an e-mail marketing campaign to boost tourist interest and traffic, and the results were impressive.

We generated a database of local consumers who have indicated an interest in receiving advertising information via e-mail and sent the message. Of the 50,000 e-mails we sent, 6,342 were opened (12.68 percent) and 1,186 resulted in a click through to and/or an affiliated website (2.37 percent).

“We are pleased with these results,” wrote Grand County’s advertising liaison Karen Ruby. “Keep them coming!”

We looking forward to meeting that challenge and more.

Grand County Colorado got a great bang for its buck, and you can, too. Here’s how e-mail marketing works: You select the demographics you want to reach from hundreds of available categories. We help you create a compelling ad and then distribute it to your customized e-mail database.

It’s a straightforward advertising outlet that allows you to distribute information to a wide range of specific potential customers for a small investment. It’s affordable and exceedingly effective. Best of all, it’s trackable. You’ll know the response rate of each e-mail push, giving you valuable feedback about what resonates with your target market.

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