Digital direct/e-mail marketing allows you to reach your target audience where, when and how they would like to be reached.

Here’s how it works: You select the demographics you’d like to contact from hundreds of available categories – such as geography, age and income level, as well as detailed interests
like hiking, real estate investments, electronics and restaurants. Then we build an e-mail database of consenting consumers based on your parameters and send the database your message.

It’s a straightforward advertising outlet that allows you to distribute information to a wide range of specific potential customers for a small investment. Because it’s a digital product, results are tracked and available to you.

We just started offering this service, and already the results have been spectacular. Shecky’s is a company out of New York City that puts on  women-only events across the
country. It ran a digital direct mail campaign to increase ticket sales for an event in Denver.

Naturally, we targeted women, ages 21-35 in the Denver Metro Area. Of the 50,000 e-mails we sent, 9,518 were opened (19.6 percent) and 1,125 resulted in a click through to (2.25 percent).

Digital direct mail is trackable, affordable and incredibly effective. Of advertisers who have tried it, 40 percent have used it more than once. Call 303.473.1400 today for details.