One of the main objections we hear from businesses when we present our Daily Deal program is that no new customers come through the door with this type of promotion. The belief is that only regular patrons will buy the deals. The results have been quite the opposite. Case in point: Grease Monkey offered a $20 full-service oil change on in late September.

The deal was open to everyone – new and current customers alike – and the company sold 205. We recently heard from the owners of Grease Monkey, and they couldn’t be more excited.

Thus far, 50 percent of redeemed deals have come from brand new clients. Couldn’t your business stand to grow its customer base? offers money-saving deals to its subscribers every weekday. It also offers unbeatable reach into Longmont, Boulder County’s second largest and
fastest growing market. This is an audience you want to reach: Longmont residents spend $1.5 billion annually, 41 percent of which is spent outside of Longmont proper.

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