Sturtz and Copeland has been providing flowers, plants and nursery center products to the Boulder area since 1929. It has a rich history, a robust business and a loyal local clientele.

In the online marketplace, unfortunately, history doesn’t count for much. Gaining traction online is a very here-and-SturtzAndCopelandnow affair. Sturtz and Copeland needed its website to have abundant, frequently updated and attention-grabbing content. The site had to be easy to use and stocked with relevant keywords, making it stand out in the online florist and garden center crowd. So it hired the Camera.

Visit and have a look around. Notice the vibrant images and depth of information. See how easy it is to find current sales, new products and upcoming events, how straightforward it is to interact with the company directly, whether ordering flowers, joining its e-mail list or contacting the company.

The Camera built it all for Sturtz and Copeland. We’re also providing ongoing training so employees can regularly add to the site.

Our expertise is helping this local business legend bloom online. We’d love to do the same for your company. Call 303.473.1400 today for more information and a free consultation.