LongmontDailyDeals.com entered the market on April 25 and has already become a valued resource for advertisers.“A big thank you for picking us for the Daily Deal launch,” wrote Mickey from Tortuga’s. “We have been super busy ever since – thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“The Daily Deal is a great marketing avenue,” enthused Jimmy and Jalene Welzig of Welzig Heating & Air. “It gave us a lot of exposure to new customers and our phones rang off the hook because of it. We will definitely continue to use the Daily Deal.”

“Every person who has been in here so far to redeem their offer has spent an extra $200 to $400 to have work done on their cars,” said Budget Brakes and More’s Orlando Gallardo.

LongmontDailyDeals.com offers money-saving deals to its subscribers every weekday. It also offers unbeatable reach into Longmont, Boulder County’s second largest and fastest growing market. This is an audience you want to reach: Longmont residents spend $1.5 billion annually, 41 percent of which is spent outside of Longmont proper.

Give Longmont consumers a reason to visit your business. Contact Kelly Hendershot at 303.473.1415 or hendershotk @dailycamera.com to become a Daily Deal partner.

And if you haven’t already done so, visit BoCoDeals.com and LongmontDailyDeals.com to subscribe and get the best deals around.