Cannabase Connects is a wholesale marijuana exchange and secure community connection platform. At its website, the company offers portals for licensed businesses, registered caregivers, and individuals to connect with each other and the cannabis community. Cannabase recently started working with the Camera and has already achieved excellent results:

“As we have moved into the challenging phase of launching our new startup in Colorado’s nascent marijuana industry, working with the Camera – and especially our extremely diligent account manager Rachel Rener – has been without a doubt one of the best investments we’ve made to date,” wrote Jennifer Gargotto, CEO and co-founder of Cannabase.

“Launching our advertising campaign has required working through a labyrinth of rules and regulations, which Rachel studied in her free time to help us navigate…. She worked hours to help us come up with a brilliant and sophisticated strategy, and it has proven to be exceptionally effective. The first day our ads went live, our website traffic skyrocketed 300 percent and has remained steady ever since – resulting in leads that have immediately converted.

“While we’re absorbed mentally and emotionally in the time-consuming process of launch, the Camera has kept us top of mind when new opportunities for more exposure for our brand have arisen, and have continued placing us in only the most targeted and impactful locations. Never in my professional life have I felt so genuinely taken care of and not just ‘sold to’.”

The Camera can do the same for your business. Call 303.473.1400 today and we’ll connect you with one of our outstanding team members like Rachel.