I’m a believer. Our social marketing campaigns really do work! I was on my Facebook page recently when an ad for Colorado Tree Care appeared in my daily feed.
Now, I knew that the ad was delivered to me because I fit the profile for someone who might need professional tree services. In other words, I was in the target demographic. Perhaps it was my zip code, or that fact that I’m a homeowner.
As it turns out, I’m exactly the type of person Colorado Tree Care wanted to reach. I have some trees that need attention, so I contacted them to remove several dead aspens and some dead branches on my maple trees.
I’m just one consumer among thousands in Boulder County, but this kind of targeted ad serving goes on every second of every day. And the flexibility you have with searching for just the right customers is amazing.
Our in-house social marketing experts can help you use social media to connect with your most-likely-to-purchase customers at an attractive ROI. We can target lifestyles, interests, household income, geography and much more.
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