Social media is super effective at connecting and growing your customer base, and we work with many of our advertising partners to help manage their online social campaigns.

We recently heard from Elise Lockhart of the Keith County Visitors Committee. They are using our Sponsored Engagement program to promote the many recreational opportunities at beautiful Lake McConaughy in Nebraska. A year-and-a-half ago, they had 4,778 fans on their Facebook page. Since then, we have helped them grow to almost 18,000 fans.

“The results from our digital campaigns have been amazing,” Lockhart says. “We have increased our Facebook likes, reach and engagement. We have learned and achieved so much working with the Times-Call. It has definitely been a worthwhile investment!”

Francine Wahlgren, advertising consultant at the Longmont Times-Call, says, “They are great about communicating with us and calling each month to review the campaign and discuss the focus of the upcoming month. They provide great content and videos that people like and share a lot!”

We want to help you boost your social reach, too. Let our digital advertising team do the heavy lifting for you. Call 303.473.1400 for results you will “Like.”