When The Village Merchants Group needed to produce their annual coupon book and get it in the hands of their best customers, they put their trust in the Camera’s marketing and production teams to get their book produced, printed and mailed.
The merchants also added digital marketing to the mix, because they understand that effective advertising reaches consumers on multiple platforms to increase reach, frequency and brand awareness.
You can find The Village coupons online right now at VillageBoulder.com.
Digital advertising is an important part of your overall advertising mix, and our advertisers are experiencing great results from their cross-platform exposure.
News media company Aftenposten has found that advertising that appeared in print as well as online resulted in a 35 percent better ad recall, 51 percent higher ad engagement, and an incredible 85 percent higher intention to take action than ads run in print alone.
We thank The Village Merchant Group for trusting us with their holiday coupon campaign. Let us show you how we can help with all of your marketing needs.
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