Your brand’s ability to connect and influence customers on social networks is critical. Consider that 90 percent of customers recommend brands after social media interaction. That’s a powerful number.

Facebook fans and Twitter followers represent a significant opportunity to boost revenue and brand loyalty. If you haven’t tapped into these networks, our social media experts are ready to help you get started.

Our advanced targeting expertise lets you connect with all of the right people, so they’ll be more likely to click through to your website and connect.

We’re hearing great reports from advertisers, too. Beth Parish, advertising and promotion chair for the Boulder Chorale, says, “Thank you for helping the Chorale with its social media campaign. We are already seeing results.”

Big thanks to Matt Flood, our Director of Digital Solutions, for helping our advertisers leverage their social media to reach their business goals.

Matt is available to work with you, too. Just e-mail me at or call 303.473.1400 and we’ll get started!