Nearly 9 in 10 Americans use e-mail every day. Of those, 93 percent have subscribed to receive e-mail marketing messages from a company. Are they getting yours?

More than 9,000 local consumers have requested and receive our e-mail newsletters, which include breaking news, sports updates, local ticket alerts, entertainment news and snow updates. Customers can subscribe to our e-mail newsletters from the front pages of our websites, and new subscribers are added all the time. Some newsletters are delivered daily, others weekly, and they all deliver thousands of impressions to our advertisers.

You can choose the newsletters that fit your target audience and the ad size that fits your budget (we offer a prominent leaderboard ad at the top of the newsletter and three box ads along the right- hand rail). The rates are extremely affordable – as little as $10 per month – but will be adjusted as our subscriber base grows.

Call 303.473.1400 today to lock in the best bang for your advertising buck, and get ready for reap the rewards.