“I work with the Daily Camera with absolute total confidence that the best job will be achieved with the best outcome for me, the customer. It happens again and again with each printing of the Boulder Potters’ Guild postcard and mailing we do with you.” – Susanna Adams, Boulder Potters’ Guild


What most folks don’t realize – even many of our current advertisers – is that we are a multi-media company. We deliver information that matters to our readers in whatever format they choose to consume it:  newspapers, keepsake sections and publications, websites, e-mail and what I’d like to tell you more about today, direct mail.


Direct mail is a fantastic medium. It’s flexible, allowing you to target a specific group or blanket the market with your message.  It’s cost-effective, delivering thousands of impressions for just pennies apiece. And it’s easy, giving you instantaneous access to your audience.


Our direct mail services include a comprehensive demographic database, free consultation and design services, printing, mailing list preparation, processing, postage, labeling, sorting and delivery. It’s as full-service as it gets, with the added bonus of being able to drive down your rates in other products and media in one fell swoop.


Visit www.ColoradoDirectMail.com for additional information and success stories, or contact Erin Lawinski at 303.473.1274.