The Camera’s direct mail program provides the unbeatable exposure of targeted mailing in combination with our market’s best-read newspaper. Mailed to the audience of your choosing – from total market coverage to individual segments of the population – our direct mail package gives you instant access to nearly 100,000 Boulder and Broomfield county households every week.

Customer profiles, graphic design and market expertise are also part of the package, as are free ads in the Camera when you place your direct mail order for a limited time.

That’s right – free ads. We’re so confident that you’ll be blown away by the results of the Camera and our directmail program, we’re giving you a taste of the combination free of charge. Whether you want to target a specific zip code or blanket the market with your message, our direct mail package is the ideal vehicle.

It’s high-impact, putting your information directly in the hands of your potential customers. And it’s cost-effective, delivering thousands of impressions for a few cents apiece (not to mention free space in the Camera if you act quickly).

Call Erin Lawinski today at 303.473.1274 for a soup to nuts solution for all of your direct mail needs, and then some.