Colorado’s medical and recreational marijuana industry is like no other. Other states look at us as a model for how to do things right. And when it comes to advertising, there are some unique rules that apply.

Working in this growing (no pun) industry requires a specialized understanding of the rules, regulations and best practices. This even applies to how marijuana dispensaries can promote themselves.There are specific rules that limit how dispensaries represent themselves, where they can advertise, and to whom. Google, social media and email rules are highly restrictive.

You don’t want to learn this by trial and error. And you don’t have to! Our advertising team can ensure your dispensary is in compliance with local laws. And we have the expertise to use every channel available to connect you with consumers in your target market.

Let us help you grow your dispensary brand the right way. Contact your advertising representative at 303.473.1400 for a personal campaign presentation.