People of Broomfield, it’s time for our own bragging rights! It’s time for Broomfield County Gold­—the way we reward the people, places and things that make Broomfield County a wonderful place to live, work and play for its more than 68,000 residents.

In the most recent Broomfield City/County survey, the Broomfield Enterprise was ranked by Broomfielders as their most preferred source for news and information about Broomfield. Six-of-10 Broomfield adults rely on it.

There’s no better source for your business to reach local consumers than the Broomfield Enterprise, and the Broomfield County Gold program is certain to be a winner for your business. The print ballot will publish seven times in the Broomfield Enterprise and will also run online. In addition, it will be promoted across social channels and our extended network. That’s a lot of exposure for your message.

The winners edition will publish in the Enterprise on Sunday, Oct. 18 and in addition, the winners will be spotlighted in the Boulder County Gold section publishing Sunday, Oct. 25 in the Daily Camera—prime dates that lead right into the holidays.

Call your friendly ad team at 303.473.1400 by Friday, Aug. 7 to reserve your ad in Broomfield County Gold.