What might seem like a obstacle could actually be an asset in your job search. It’s all about how you frame your experience. National careers expert Liz Ryan will be here Thursday for the first of a three-part workshop series that will teach you how to make the most of your past as you look toward your future career. The series is designed to help job seekers who don’t fit the mold develop and hone a job search story, find opportunities through non-traditional means, and embrace their life and work experiences in a way that will translate to talent-starved employers.

The first session, entitled Reclaiming Your Career Ground, will touch on “mommy” and “daddy” time, volunteer work, underemployment, and lots of other issues that tend to make job seekers feel less marketable than they are.

Liz will walk participants through exercises designed to build career mojo and create stories that illustrate their talents and skills. Join Liz and many of your job-searching peers this Thursday from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Camera in downtown Boulder.

Registration is $100 (or $250 for all three workshops), which includes parking. Register online at dailycamera.com/careerreboot or call 303.473.1272. Your new job is waiting.