Boulder County is flooded by millions of visitors every year. They’re here to vacation, visit family and friends, and conduct a bit of business. But they all have two things in common: They want to have a good time when they get here, and they need a place to stay. If you’re in the business of hosting visitors, you can help our out-of-town friends in both areas. Add a copy of the Camera to your guests’ daily experience, and you’ll add value to their stay as well as to your establishment.

Your guests will appreciate the Camera’s local weather reports, outdoor guides, business coverage, and second-to-none information about places to go and things to do. Best of all, you can provide this fantastic added benefit for only a penny per paper, per guest.

We will happily deliver copies to their doors before 6 a.m. every day, or we can provide a rack for your lobby.

Contact Tim Seibert at 303.473.1598 or today to make your guests really feel at home.