There are only two weeks left to bag the Colorado Daily Rock, along with bragging rights and 500 bucks.

Boulder Rocks! is Boulder’s ultimate treasure hunt and the talk of the town. Daily clues in the print and online editions of the Colorado Daily lead readers on a search to find the Rock. Over the five-week contest, each weekly winner receives $500. So there’s a fair bit of cash left on the line.

University of Colorado sophomore Will Skinner found week one’s Rock in a retaining wall close to the 28th and Colorado underpass after only one clue. Alex Meyer, another CU sophomore, ditched studying to pursue week two’s Rock. Wise choice – he found it under a juniper bush near KGNU headquarters and is now $500 richer. Week three’s winner found the Rock at Chautauqua. CU graduate student Angela Niles plans to put her winnings towards the basics – food and skiing.

Will you be next? Turn to the Colorado Daily or visit for clues every morning. Then put on your sleuthing hat and join in the hunt.
If you should find the Rock, abscond with it immediately and call 303.473.1419. Leave your name and phone number, plus the ID number found on the rock. You could be feeling $500 smarter.