A few weeks ago, Prairie Mou9-26-2014 1-37-12 PMntain Media CEO Al Manzi and I had the pleasure of attending the annual Community Partners Breakfast hosted by The Community Foundation of Boulder County. The focus was “The Flood, One-Year Later.”

We heard from Julie Van Domelen, the mayor of Lyons, and Gary Sanfacon, Boulder County flood recovery manager. Their stories of resilience and cooperation were moving. They also told of folks still waiting to get back to their normal lives.

We were happy to make a donation of $7,000 to the United Way Foothills Relief Fund, part of the total donation we’re making from sales proceeds of our book “A Thousand Years Rain.” Next week we’ll be making an equal donation to United Way of Larimer County’s Long-Term Recovery Fund. There’ll be more to come as we continue to sell books at CoFloodBook.com.

Many people relied on the Camera to provide up-to-the-minute coverage of flood events, and we took that responsibility to heart. I hope you’ve enjoyed our one-year-later, one year stronger coverage throughout this month.

It’s what community newspapers do best, and I’m proud to be a part of that.