The Colorado Music Festival (CMF) and Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts (RMCMA) believe in the transformative power of live performance and music eduction to inspire and connect community members of all ages. They facilitate such transformations by providing access to the best of the world’s music through education and performance.

The Camera is proud to be a perennial sponsor.

“Thanks so much for your support and advocacy on behalf of cultural organizations,” said executive director Catherine Underhill. “This is such wonderful support,” education director Peggy Bruns added. “It enables us to inspire more than 600 music students each week with outstanding educational opportunities at RMCMA, regardless of age, ability or financial circumstances; engage Festival audiences of more than 22,000 each summer at Chautauqua; expand access to music education by providing 177 musical instruments at low or no-cost to 5th graders in 46 schools across 5 school districts, and present more than 45 concerts to the community each year.”

Don’t miss the next two CMF and RMCMA Kaleidoscope Concerts: Celtic music from Colcannon this Saturday, Feb. 12 at RMCMA, and Chamber music from the CMF Chamber Players on Saturday, Feb. 26 at RMCMA and Sunday, Feb. 27 at Chautauqua Community House. For details, visit