There’s something about spring that makes me turn against my stuff. One day I’m fine with the toys cascading from my kids’  shelves. The closets seem to be able to handle the clothes we never wear. It’s OK that we’re still hanging on to the set of chairs I had before I moved to Colorado.

Then the trees start blooming, and I am done – with all of it.  Either the clutter goes or I do, and I’m not going anywhere.

Are you hearing the siren call of a clean slate, too? Start tagging, pick a date and have a garage sale. Then attract the masses with a garage sale ad in the print and online editions of the Camera.  For only $25, you’ll get a 10-line ad. You’ll also receive a free garage sale kit, complete with signs, stickers and markers. The Camera makes it easy, which is nice since I need all the help I can get when I’m in purge mode. Visualize your uncluttered space and then make it happen with a well publicized garage sale. Call 303.466.3636 by 3 p.m. for next-day publication and by 3 p.m. Friday for the weekend.