I love Boulder in the summer, and here’s another reason: Downtown Boulder’s Bands on the Bricks. Every Wednesday at 7 p.m., a fantastic group of local musicians performs in front of the Boulder County Court House. It’s great fun, some of the best entertainment in town and absolutely free.


We’re down to the last three weeks of this season, so now’s the time to join the party. Visit the Camera tent for a balloon or some bubbles for your wee ones. And be sure to drop by one of our tasty local hot spots for cocktails and dinner before the music starts. Sample the exquisite shrimp and saffron risotto fritters at Q’s restaurant. Tuck into a filet at the Boulder ChopHouse & Tavern or a rib basket at The Rib House. Or get your fish on at Japango.


Boulder is alive and well. Let’s keep it that way by supporting our local artists and businesses. Come spend some time (and money) downtown.