I love the holidays the decorations, music, food and fanfare, the whole enchilada. This year is no exception, but I must admit I’m a little behind in the gift acquisition department. I have completed Santa 101:The Making of The List. However, I have a lot of elf work to do before anything actually gets checked off that list.

That’s why I’m looking forward to Sunday so much. This Sunday’s Camera and Enterprise will include our Last Minute Gift Guide, and I’ve got my highlighter ready.

The Last Minute Gift Guide is bursting with great ideas. From trinkets to big-ticket items, teacher gifts to toys for kids, a special something for that special someone to the perfect present for an obscure relative, the Last Minute Gift Guide spells out what to buy and where to shop. I know I’ll find what I need, and it always makes me feel good to patronize our area’s fantastic local businesses. Join me, won’t you? Pick up your copy of the Last Minute Gift Guide this Sunday.