Sunday, May 9 is Mother’s Day, and I’m looking forward to a little pampering from my family – a carefully crafted card or two, a few extra minutes of sleep and perhaps a surprise (there have been some behind-my-back whisperings that I hope will turn out in my favor).

Retailers are looking forward to Mother’s Day, too. It’s the second largest U.S. consumer spending holiday. The average person will spend $127 on mom, and total spending is expected to reach $14.6 billion nationally. Flowers, clothing, jewelry and dining out are the usual suspects for Mother’s Day gifts. Most any business category is a good candidate, though. We live in a creative community, full of vibrant moms with a huge spectrum of interests. Running shoes, massages, gadgets, linens, music, cookware, wine and art all make fabulous gifts, as does a gift certificate from a favorite shop.

Promote your wares to the moms who patronize your business and the families who love them in our Mother’s Day group pages. Our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas page will publish on May 2 in the Camera, Colorado Daily, Broomfield Enterprise and Longmont Ledger. Our Last Minute (before you are disowned and/or sleeping on the couch) Mother’s Day Gift Idea page will publish on May 6 in the Enterprise and May 8 in the Camera.

The first page deadlines Wednesday, so do right by local moms as well as your bottom line and call 303.473.1400.