The Camera Newspapers in Education (NIE) program is a non-profit organization that provides papers to educators at no cost. Participating teachers and their students receive printed copies of the Camera as well as our Kids Kaleidoscope section every Monday with The Mini Page, Kid Scoop and serial stories. They also have free access to the Camera Digital Replica, teach-er guides, and online content such as This Week in History, Geography in the News, Cartoons for the Classroom, Special Reports and Front Page Talking Points.

It’s a terrific resource for our community’s teachers, and you can help keep it going.

The next time you leave town, please consider donating your vacation papers to the Camera NIE program. It’s an easy and effective way to support education. All you have to do is let us know you’d like to donate your papers to NIE when you contact us to stop your papers for vacation (303.444.3444 or Every paper you give to the program will go to students and teachers in our local schools.

In addition to providing timely curriculum, studies show that NIE programs improve student performance on standardized tests. The more frequent the NIE ­use, the higher the scores. Please help us maintain our thriving NIE program by donating your vacation credit the next time you head out of town.