The Newspaper Association of America reported in April on a survey by the Nielsen company on the role that newspapers play in the local political landscape. Just as studies have shown that regular newspaper readers are more actively engaged in their community than non-readers, this group is also more involved in politics – and voting.
Findings from the survey noted that newspapers provide powerful non-fragmented reach of registered voters.
Newspapers reach is significant through traffic to their websites and news apps.
Political advertising in newspapers is an efficient way to reach those who are most likely to vote.
The NAA also reports that newspapers are also strong at reaching local opinion leaders, who consume newspaper content and then discuss politics with their less-knowledgeable friends. These people are twice as likely as others to read political newspaper advertising.
Newspapers were also shown to be influential on those who make up their minds three or more weeks before the election.
In fact, newspapers outperformed other forms of local politcial advertising on nearly every measure.
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