Each year, one day is set aside to recognize the accomplishments of carriers who work hard to get the newspaper in the hands of our readers. The Newspaper Association of America (NAA) and the newspaper industry have designated this Saturday, Oct. 13, as International Newspaper Carrier Day, a salute to the hundreds of thousands of newspaper carriers who deliver more than 44 million newspapers to more than 100 million readers every day.

A number of former carriers have achieved national prominence. John Wayne, Warren Buffett and Martin Luther King Jr. are among the former carriers who are now part of the Newspaper Carrier Hall of Fame. But to us, every carrier is worthy of recognition.

Your carrier tirelessly delivers your paper 365 mornings a year – when the sun is out or when it’s blowing snow, whether you live around the corner or in the mountains. It’s typically a thankless job, but it doesn’t have to be. International Newspaper Carrier Day is a great opportunity to show your appreciation.

If you see your carrier, take a moment to say thank you. Or send a note and/or tip to Carrier Thanks, 5450 Western Ave., Boulder, CO 80301; include your delivery address and we’ll make sure it gets to your carrier. Or call 303.444. 3444 to send your best and  charge a tip to your credit card. Your carrier will appreciate it more than you know.