We held our first online auto “tent sale” in December at FrontRangeTentSale.com.

The results are in, and holy guacamole! – we exceeded all our expectations, with tremendous impressions and click-throughs directly to our participating auto dealers’ inventory.

The digital sales event ran for two weeks and garnered well over 14,000 site visitors.

Attention auto dealers, if you’re not on board, you’re missing sales leads. A new auto sale launches each month and runs for two weeks.

FrontRangeTentSale.com is supported with aggressive print and digital promotion across Broomfield, Boulder and Larimer counties.

Your ad buy includes your best deals in the Camera, Times-Call and Reporter-Herald; with your entire inventory listed online; banner ads linking to FrontRangeTentSale.com; ads on the Google network; and e-mails sent to 150,000 auto consumers.

The next sale launches Feb. 20, and we want you in the tent! Contact Mary Romano at romanom@dailycamera.com or 303.473.1450 to reserve your spot in the next FrontRangeTentSale.com.