Happy Black Friday! Today is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Of course, this isn’t news to many of you. Last year, 79 million Americans shopped on Black Friday, spending an average of $343.31 each from Thursday to Sunday. One in three shoppers were at the stores by 5 a.m.

Black Friday has been the unofficial kickoff to the holiday season ever since 1924, when the modern Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade tradition began. Many employees have the day off. Decorations go up around the neighborhood. And crowds of shoppers hit the stores in preparation for a festive December. To my fellow consumers, best of luck. There are lots of great deals and unique finds to be had. Check out our Holiday Gift Guide inside today’s Camera for countless local examples. May your lines be short and your receipts long.

Business owners, if you get to the end of this long day and your Black Friday sales aren’t what you had hoped, put your feet up for a few hours (all the hustle and bustle can wear a body down, after all) and then give us a call at 303.473.1400. The Camera, Colorado Daily, Broomfield Enterprise, Longmont Ledger and the rest of our targeted media products have you covered. Let us help you wrap up your 2010 with a glittering bow of success.