Those who are on the front line of action in our community rarely concern themselves with accolades. They are too busy making a difference. I expect this is the main reason our mailbox hasn’t been overflowing with nominations for our annual Pacesetter Awards. But we are determined to give credit where credit is due, and so we have shifted the nomination process away from the holiday season and extended the deadline to Friday, June 14.

Presented since 1985, the Pacesetter Awards recognize Boulder County residents who have made significant contributions in the areas of arts and entertainment, business, community service, education, the environment, quality of life, and science, medicine or health. Winners will be selected based on their contributions, including donations of time, talent, money or life’s work that have had an impact on the community. The 2012 Pacesetters will select the 2013 Pacesetters, who will be honored at a summer luncheon at the Millennium Harvest House Hotel.

If you have already submitted a 2013 Pacesetter nomination, thank you. Your voice has been heard. If not, look around. Our community is full of worthy Pacesetter Award candidates. I know because I work with them daily and meet new ones all the time. Take a moment to nominate your favorite Boulder County standout at or pick up a nomination form at our office (5450 Western Ave., Boulder).