Thanksgiving is just three days away. I would like to ask for your help in spreading some of the thanks around this year.
Community Food Share is in the last two days of its annual Let’s Bag Hunger food drive. Unfortunately, the food collected so far has fallen significantly short of this year’s goal of 90,000 pounds.
The Camera has sponsored this event for the past 32 years. It’s an essential resource for creating food security in our communities.
You may be making a trip to the grocery store before Thursday. Will you consider picking up a CFS bag and putting a few items in it to share?
I know I can count on your help. The Camera’s readers aren’t the type of people who disappoint those in need.Just purchase canned tuna, soup, cereal and leave them in the collection barrel at the entrance to your store.
CFS is the food bank for Boulder and Broomfield counties. Non-perishable food and dollars that are donated help restock supplies and get food where it is needed the most. Food security, or  the means to provide enough healthy food for your family, can’t be taken for granted, even right here in our home towns. Thank you, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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