Valentine’s Day spending is expected to reach $17.6 billion in the United States this year, according to a recent survey by the National Retail Federation. Between cards, flowers, candy, jewelry, gift cards, wining and dining, the average person celebrating the holiday will shell out $126. If your business could benefit from some of this love-fueled revenue, we can help. Call our sales department at 303.473.1400 for details.

We can also help if you’re looking for a special way to launch Valentine’s Day with the love(s) in your life. Our Love Line section will publicly declare what’s in your heart for only $18. You dream up an adoring message (up to six lines) and recite it to us at 303.466.3636. We’ll surround it with Valentine’s art and publish it in the Classified section on Tuesday, Feb. 14. Then all you have to do is find an artful way to direct attention to your words of love. I recommend the casual approach: “You’ll never believe what’s in the paper today …”

It sounds corny, I know. But there’s nothing cooler than professing your love and admiration in print. The Camera sales team did one last year for our publisher Al Manzi. He was surprised and quite pleased with our Valentine greeting. I submit Love Lines for my daughters every year. They get a big kick out of seeing their names in the Camera.

Start thinking like Cupid and call 303.466.3636 by this Friday to place your Love Line.