Valentine’s Day is typically celebrated with a heavy emphasis on romantic love, but this year I’m going to share some love of a different sort – my affection for the people who surround me every day.

My family and friends top the list, of course. They inspire me to be a better person.

My teammates and coworkers are amazing. Their ingenuity, drive and enthusiasm floor me daily.

I think the world of our advertisers, without whom (let’s be honest) I wouldn’t have a job. More than job security though, I appreciate their business acumen, hard work, and the products, services and amenities they bring to our community.

I relish my interactions with the nonprofit organizations we sponsor. Their passion, focus and energy are delightfully contagious.

This community is phenomenal. I feel incredibly lucky to live, work and play here.

And I love you, too. Thank you for reading.

For more professions of love, true and otherwise, turn to our Classified section today and check out the Love Lines. They are great fun to read. And who knows? Someone might have written you a special note.

However you choose to celebrate, I hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day. May your chocolates be sweet, your flowers blooming and your friends plentiful.