The newsroom has two very big Sunday Cameras planned. These will be papers that captivate and move readers, papers that we hope will lead to meaningful conversations about our community and our nation.

This Sunday, Sept. 4, marks the anniversary of the Fourmile Fire, an event that affected almost everyone in this community. The Camera will take a detailed look at where we are 1 year later, hear stories from people who lost their homes, and honor those who courageously fought the fire as well as those who selflessly opened their homes, wallets and hearts to help the people who were displaced.

Next Sunday, Sept. 11, the Camera will devote the front page and most of Section A to paying tribute to the families affected by 9/11.

We’ll reflect on where the country stands 10 years later, recognizing the millions of people who have dedicated themselves to helping families and cities get back on track and put the pieces back together.

If you don’t typically read the Sunday Camera, I urge you to pick up a copy in the next two weeks. These will be powerful papers, honoring people, commending courage and offering peace and hope for the future.

I think it would be wonderful for the business community to pay its respect along with the articles. If you are interested in publishing a simple tribute or thank you ad in either of these issues, call 303.473.1400 to reserve your space.