Second Story Garage brings a toolshed of musical acts from Colorado – or those just passing through – to a makeshift recording studio in the Camera newsroom. Once a week, a band comes in, chats with our amiable hosts and plays a few songs. It’s music the way it was meant to be experienced – live and dirty.

To experience the music for yourself, visit the Garage weekly at entertainment.

This week, Second Story Garage is taking a look back at its inaugural in-studio performance featuring The Jeff Brinkman Band. Jeff is not only a soulful singer-songwriter, he’s one of our own; Jeff used to be a member of the Camera advertising team. His guitarist Mark Kranjcec is our Digital Solutions Director.

We’re rather fond of these guys and their music, and you’ll be equally enamored after you listen to Jeff’s mellow grooves for yourself at dailycamera .com/entertainment.

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