A third of most charities’ online donations are made in December, and 22 percent of gifts are made in the last two days of the year.
It’s the Season of Giving, and if you are involved in nonprofit fundraising, now is the time to harvest the goodwill of supporters who are deciding where to “spend” their charitable funds.
Giving USA reports that individual givers accounted for 72% of total giving in 2014. You need a way to reach these folks to share your story one-on-one.
BusinessPlus Spotlight gives you an effective platform to engage with your current and new donors. The Camera provides prime-time space for area non-profits that is available at a reduced rate and includes a feature writer to help craft your giving story and build a relationship with our readers.
Three sponsored packages are available (we’ve kept the cost of entry low to ensure availability to smaller groups, with smaller budgets).
Individuals and businesses are invited to sponsor a spotlight for their favorite non-profits. To reserve your space, call 303.473.1400.