If every citizen stepped up to the plate, if giving back became part of our routine, the standard mode of behavior, what might we achieve together as a community? And if every local nonprofit organization was given a forum to describe its goals and needs, how much more quickly and efficiently might we be meeting the needs of our neighbors?

These are the kinds of questions that flew around the table when the idea for The Community Foundation of Boulder County’s Culture of Giving campaign started in 2001. And the organization, in partnership with the Camera, has been fulfilling its mission of encouraging Boulder County’s growing philanthropic culture ever since.

If you haven’t participated in the past, I encourage you to do so. There are more than 500 nonprofit organizations that serve Boulder County. You can designate your donation to whichever one sparks your interest, or you can donate to The Community Trust, The Community Foundation’s unrestricted endowment that is dispersed year after year.

It’s easy to be a local hero. Every donation of time, talent and treasure, whether large or small, makes a big difference. Culture of Giving Week is December 5 through 12. Visit www.cultureofgiving.org to make your donation and give back to our community.