If you hire employees directly for your own business, or work in corporate recruitment, we have an effective way for you to shine a spotlight on your employment opportunities.

Your next hires are likely to use job board networks that cater to their professions, interests and even methods of receiving information, such as Twitter. We’ve secured access to a full range of duration-based top job boards. In addition to field-specific job boards (accounting, finance, call center, education, health care, and more), our Targeted Audience Network lets you reach affiliate groups such as veterans, recent college graduates, the disable and diverse candidates.

Your ad will also get valuable placement in our network of community newspapers, reaching Boulder, Broomfield and Larimer County adults. You can customize your ad package by boosting your digital reach, or extending the ad campaign timeline. Our recruitment specialist can help you decide the best strategies. Packages include a 30-day listing on Monster.com and Military.com, or upgrade to get your listing on indeed.com.

Contact our recruitment marketing specialist Crystal Musser at 303.473.1403.