Not all children are fortunate enough to have access to summer job opportunities, especially in a tough economy. Nearly 10,000 children in Boulder County live below the poverty line and are at risk for dropping out of school. They struggle with a variety of issues, including malnourishment, language barriers, peer pressure and emotional strife at home. The I Have a Dream Foundation of Boulder County (IHAD) strives to change that.

Since 1990 IHAD has motivated and empowered children from low- income communities to reach their educational and career goals by providing long-term mentoring, tutoring and cultural enrichment. Its internship program allows youth to explore career options, gain valuable work experience and develop leadership and life skills.

Can you or your company help? IHAD is seeking summer internship and enrichment opportunities for its middle and high school participants – paid internships, short-term projects and/or monetary contributions.

The Camera is creating two summer intern positions for the program. We look forward to meeting our “Dreamers” and benefitting from their hard work and fresh insight. IHAD is one of the 120 amazing local nonprofit organizations we support every year with our time, talent and more than $2 million of support. If you have a job opportunity or wish to support the IHAD internship program, call Garett Brownlee at 303.444.3636, x11.