For the rest of February, the Camera is offering a substantial discount on postcard direct mailings. Consider it a belated Valentine’s gift.

Direct mail is a high-impact marketing format, putting your information dire2-17-2014 12-52-25 PMctly in the hands of your potential customers. It’s easy to create and execute a powerful campaign. And it’s cost-effective, especially this month.

Our direct mail special gives you instant access to thousands of Boulder and Broomfield county households with a 9-inch-by-6-inch postcard. Full color (on both sides), mailing lists, processing, postage, graphic design and market expertise are also part of the package. You can mail your message to the audience of your choosing – from total market coverage to individual segments of the population.

Whether your company uses direct mail regularly or you’ve always wanted to try direct mail to enhance your other marketing efforts, our February direct mail special is the perfect opportunity to reach your audience in a distinctively personal and tangible way. Call 303.473.1400 today for more information.