The chances are good that you know a military veteran, or have a veteran in your family. The U.S. Census indicates that there are more than 13,000 veterans living in Boulder County alone.

To commemorate Veterans Day, which takes place on Nov. 11 this year, the Daily Camera will be featuring profiles of local veterans in the paper, online and in social media,  every day in November.

We would like to hear from you about the veterans from all branches of the service you know, so we can thank them in a very public way for their service.

We invite you to complete the simple online form at to let us know about yourself or a veteran you’d like to honor. 

You can include a photo with your submission. The profile will be published as submitted, so please edit carefully and accordingly. 

The deadline to submit your profile requests is Monday, Oct. 30.

We can’t guarantee we’ll publish all submissions or the date the profile may publish. If you have any questions about the Daily Camera’s Veteran’s Salute, please call 303.473.1420.