The Daily Deal delivers.

After featuring 50 percent off kids’ acting workshops via the Daily Deal, Reel Kids co-owner Tracey Hinkley wrote us with her thanks: “We now have a ton of new kids, full workshops, and more than triple our website traffic! Having a new business sometimes makes you feel like a Who in Horton Hears a Who, screaming ‘We are Here!!!’  And now a lot more people know we are here … thanks!”

Neptune Mountaineering offered a half price ski tune for its recent Daily Deal. “Thanks to you and your team for helping make our Daily Deal a success,” wrote marketing coordinator Tara Worley. “Many of the people who purchased the deal didn’t even know we tuned skis!”

In addition to a slew of new customers, Daily Deal clients receive a promotional value of $7,440.75 if they run Monday through Thursday and a whopping $11,027.57 if they’re our weekend deal provider. That includes promotional space in print, social media and online.

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