Of Boulder County adults, 42 percent are Democrats, 20 percent are Republicans and 37 percent are independent/unaffiliated. A full 65 percent of ticket-splitters read newspaper political coverage every day or almost every day.

Just imagine how closely this influential, and potentially readily influenced, group will be reading our Voter’s Guide.

Featuring extensive coverage of this year’s candidates and referendums, the 2010 Voter’s Guide provide high visibility in an editorial environment devoted exclusively to the election.

The guide publishes inside Boulder County’s No. 1 newspaper, the Camera, and our market’s No. 1 local online resource, DailyCamera.com.

A whopping 30 percent of all voters return their ballots within 72 hours of receiving them. Mail-in ballots will be sent starting Tuesday, Oct. 12. Our Voter’s Guide publishes Sunday, Oct. 10, and eight-of-10 Camera readers are your primary target audience: registered voters.

This year’s election includes local, state and national races, as well as several heavily contested amendments and initiatives.

It’s a lot to absorb; voters will be on the lookout for reliable sources to help them make informed choices. Call 303.473.1400 by Friday, Oct. 1 to make your case to the electorate in our Voter’s Guide.