Friday, Dec. 17 is graduation day at CU-Boulder. It’s also a great day to promote your business. More than 2,000 students are graduating, and 5,000 guests are expected to attend commencement.

Couple that with holiday shopping fever, and you have one big weekend.

All of the graduates’ names will be listed in the December 17 edition of the Colorado Daily.  In addition to the Daily’s far- reaching, full-run distribution, we’ll also be passing out papers at the ceremony to ensure it gets in the hands of graduates and their proud families. Imagine how thrilled parents will be to see their kid’s name in print … and to have something to read during the long ceremony.

The Colorado Daily delivers seven-of-10 CU students every week – a market worth $367 million. With our special graduation day edition, you’ll also reach thousands of out-of-town visitors during peak shopping season. Call 303.473.1400 by Monday, Dec. 13 to reserve your space.