Delivering timely news that matters is what we do every day. It’s our guiding principle. When Election Day rolls around, that mission becomes heightened; we have to bring our A game.

Hats off to the incredible news teams at the Camera and our sister papers for doing just that. It is their dedication, skill and hard work that make us the No. 1 news sources in our communities.

Our executive editor Kevin Kaufman had this to say to his teams the day after the election:

“Wow, y’all are amazing…. I don’t know for certain just how many pieces our reporters and editors wrote, posted, updated and rewrote, tweeted, retweeted, Facebooked and on and on, but it was a really substantial volume. And that doesn’t count our local photo and video report. Wonderful visuals.

“The page production crew was awesome, too. I’m guessing we handled in the neighborhood of two dozen live pages that were moving and shifting with the tide of the vote count. And those numbers don’t count the sports crew with their raft of late copy and pages, which they cleared early across the board to make room for news.

“Every paper was unique, well designed and represented its audience … what a delight to watch our design team move fluidly across publications, helping each other, fill gaps, proof behind one another. Great team work.

“Congrats to you all… and thank you. Y’all make us so very proud to work with such a top-notch team.”