I field a fair number of well-meaning questions about the health of our company. I understand why. Newspapers have been hit hard over the years, and the economic slump hasn’t been kind to businesses of any stripe. 

I appreciate the concern, but here’s the deal: We’re not going anywhere. The Camera has been delivering our community’s news for 118 years, and we fully intend to do the same for the next 118 and beyond. More people are using Camera news and advertising information than ever – 113,400 Boulder Valley consumers every week, eight-of-10 market adults. Our market reach places us in the echelons of the nation’s top 10 newspapers, right behind the Washington Post.

These are points of pride for us, and great incentive to keep pushing the boundaries of journalism and creating innovative advertising opportunities.
So please, no more gloom-and-doom questions. Ask me something else. How the Camera can position your business for success in the new economy, the best way to reach our market’s affluent consumers, how to maximize your advertising investment, why using fresh limes makes all the difference … whatever you like.