Most people go their whole life without their life story being recorded. So when someone passes, an obituary can serve as a lasting tribute and recounting of a special life.

Publishing an obituary in the local news provides more than someone’s death notice. It is an important way to honor a life. It informs the community and helps friends know how to observe and honor the person’s passing. It’s also a way for friends and family to revisit cherished memories whenever they wish.

Obituaries also aid those who are researching family history, especially as women change their last name through marriage. An obituary may be the best source for rediscovering a woman’s maiden name—sometimes opening up a new channel of genealogy research.

While obituaries are published in social media, it is only through print and print archives that this valuable information is preserved for generations to come. We can help you create a meaningful tribute to someone who is special in your life. For assistance, please call 303.473.1222.