The football season is about to kick off, and we have a powerful way to reach avid sports fans with your special advertising offer.

Game Day Impact Notes are the perfect opportunity to promote your special deals to our football loving readers. Imagine your ad planted right on the front page of the newspaper. It’s the most widely read page, and the first ad to appear has been shown to increase awareness by 40 percent!

Sports fans are big consumers of tailgating supplies, liquor and watch party snacks. They are also a prime audience for bars and eateries that air games and do home delivery.

You can invest in one month (which includes one Impact Note each week for the entire month) or run up the score and buy the entire season. Your Gameday Impact Notes package also includes geo-targeted Big Box impressions on our mobile sites to boost your field coverage.

Publication days are limited, based on availability. It’s a good idea to reserve early so you don’t get left on the bench. You don’t need a huddle to call this play. Contact our advertising team at 303.473.1400 by Monday, Aug. 20 to reserve your ad for September.