You know there’s a wealth of news and information in our daily newspaper. And once a month, when you open up the Greenlight coupon book, it’s like finding money.

Greenlight is the monthly collection of money-saving coupons that consumers use to save real money on many items already on their shopping list. You can use directly from your smartphone or tablet—or use the paper version. Either way, you save.

The Daily Camera’s Greenlight coupon books are very popular among advertisers and consumers alike. Advertisers love how easy they are for consumers to use. The online coupons include a click-to-call feature and a link to your website. Easy!

The November edition of Greenlight will arrive in the Nov. 22 Daily Camera, Nov. 24 Broomfield Enterprise and Longmont Times-Call, and Nov. 27 in the Colorado Hometown Weekly.

Greenlight is delivered every month to 53,000 households in the Daily Camera, Broomfield Enterprise, Longmont Times-Call and Colorado Hometown Weekly. Greenlight is sent to 50,000 email subscribers each month.

Start making some green of your own. Call 303.473.1400 by Friday, Oct. 25 to reserve your ad space.